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Socially Conscious Media specializing in the creation & enhancement of social networking profiles, offers writing and technical support services to businesses, organizations and individuals.


Make the marketing you’re already doing work harder for you.

Adding the social networks to your existing advertising increases the potential,

measurably and usability of your advertising.

Don’t just put the message out, get the feedback!

the first hour is free!


You need to know what is going on in your name on the internet. Also how does the online profile, be it website or other, look like to the outside world? Are you networked where you should be? Is there anything negative to deal with? Do your links work? Is your site usable?

Order this package and you will receive a complete report.


iSetUp Shopping Carts

Looking to sell your products online and not sure where to start?

It’s not as difficult or expensive as you’d think.

There are many, many platforms to choose from.

If you are a musician, how about Reverbnation,

an author, Createspace has great Amazon integration,

Lulu is more recommended for printed books, and Blurb is the new hot interface.

If you’re a crafter, artisan or vintage reseller, try Etsy.

Selling real estate or B&B accommodations, Facebook Marketplace.

Want to add a shopping cart on a blog, website or facebook page?

Paypal or Beanstream is for you.

Want to drive traffic to your shopping cart once it’s there or need help setting it up?

Quote by consultation

iMonitor & iMaintain

Although it is possible to automate alerts or use social media dashboards to keep track of activities on your profiles there’s nothing like having someone professional, who does this for a living, do it for you. We currently have a special on this service when you buy one of our other set up packages you can also have your profile monitored & maintained for as little as $10 a day.

We'll get it done.
We'll keep an eye on things for you.

Tasks ido:

  • Get on top of complaints or feedback right away
  • Socially networked people like the instant fix,
  • respond right away when someone tells you you’re doing a good job,
  • retweet them, reply to their thread, check out their profiles & networks
  • friend or follow your friends & followers
  • post interesting, frequent & consistent status updates
  • start new discussions  & contribute to others’ discussion threads
  • link your profile on others’ profiles

iSetUp Profiles

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There's more to a social media campaign than Liking.

If you need help getting started from scratch, maybe all you have is a business card, a logo, a bit of info about your business and you’re looking to get online for the first time. Or maybe you have a great website but no social media presence. Our start up package could be for you. At $99 for the first two profiles and $50 per additional profile, you can’t lose.

Web 2.0: User-Created Content

#1 Task: Be Found

There are so many websites that offer the opportunity to create your own profile and network within their framework.

The main one we love to hate is Facebook but it is just one player on this ever widening field.

Linked In has a very functional interface for networking, and Twitter‘s straight forward approach combined with its enormous popularity & integration into search engines such as Google makes it the digital equal to what the yellow pages used to be in print.

Most social networks offer the capability of updating many of your other profiles automatically when you update one, thus syncing them.

While it might annoy some people who are on every network to get the same message multiple times, for many businesses, that’s not a huge factor since there are different audiences on different networks.

What are factors are things like search engine rankings, which a regularly updated social media presence is hugely helpful for, and being found when someone is looking for you and where they are looking. Think about it, if you were offered free advertising on television, would you take a slot on just one channel, or all of them?

1 profile $99 or 3 for $250


Increasing your reach is as easy as one, two, three…

but if you don’t have the time, inclination or know-how to do it

it just isn’t going to happen by itself.

Let Socially Conscious Social Media help grow your network with appropriate and relevant Likers and Followers.

Introductory Special:

$99 per network

or 3 networks for $170

hot dog roast

photo by Keith Thirkell

iEnhance Profiles

You’ve created the basics, now let’s take it to the next level.

Enhancing your existing profiles introductory package includes:

Ensuring all your links work & your information is up to date.

Check out & report on all activity related to you.

Recommendations on better representing graphically, geographically or textually?
– In other words, is it visually pleasing and easy to use? Can you be found?

Add your profile to additional networks.

Small Business BC Award
We provided social media support for the first year of Hapi Foods business.

Any two profiles


Facebook Pages that have undergone an “enhancement” by Socially Conscious sms.




“You are my dream come true, Ayla.”

                                                                Joan Higgs, Blade Runner Mobile Sharpening Services

Blade Runner Sharpening
Blade Runner Mobile Sharpening Services

“Hapi Foods Group is very hapi with the services of our S.N.O.T., our social networking overview technician that is!”

 Corin Mullins, Holy Crap Cereal

Corin Mullins
Corin Mullins, founder of Hapi Foods

“Old Salt Charters couldn’t be happier knowing our social networking is being taken care of by Socially Conscious social media services, thanks Ayla.”

 Barry Buckle, Old Salt Yacht Charters

Barry Buckle

“You are just amazing. I know I did not do any of that so you it must be your work. I am totally impressed.”

Paul Mulder, skipper on the Ar Seiz Avel