SideStix Crutches Airing on CBC’s Dragons’ Den November 30th

Sometimes a little hype goes a long way…

Coming up on November 30th, SideStix, an amazing adaptation of crutches to increase stability and mobility and winner of the Da Vinci Award for innovation, will face the Dragons. This amazing invention of local Sunshine Coaster, mountain climbing & Olympic Flame carrying Sarah Doherty will likely see a big boost in business after the broadcast. U.S. vets who have need for them are provided them by the U.S. government free of charge, Sarah tells me, just for one example of a group who might not really know about SideStix yet. After watching the video below I can also see how a pair of these could even help me (I have really messed up knees) or any active person, with mobility issues.

She also took a moment at the recent Holy Crap Cereal blessing event to thank me personally for hyping up her pitch to the Dragons’ Den audition. I had been sitting on the sidelines, actually asked to stick around and bring coffee or whatever the DD producers needed by Brian Mullins, and when Sarah and Kerith approached to make their pitch, I noted the initial lack of enthusiasm and called from the sidelines (having a feeling Sarah was not one for tooting her own horn) “She was an olympic flame carrier!” and things like that, and by the end of the audition, let’s just say, things were warming up!

And the rest is history! I am very excited about this episode (sigh, it was just a year ago today when I was part of the whole “Holy Crap” cereal story- doing their social media- and we watched the airing together at the Lighthouse). And… there is another very special friend of mine I’ve helped out with social media and her pitch to the Dragons from the Sunshine Coast who will be aired the same date, Shine Apsara with Sunshine Living Foods, can’t wait!

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